For manufacturers:

Reducing the cost of creating product information and delivering it to customers:

  • Unified user interface for working with product information.
  • The ability to define a business process for product enrichment to control it.
  • Support for product variants (one product, but different sizes and colors).
  • Support for various product categories.
  • Importing files and images and associating them with the product.
  • Support for any additional data related to the product (for example, stores, warehouses, etc.).
  • Support for dependencies between products and other data (for example, a product can replace another product, etc.).

Reducing time to market:

  • Reduction of exporting time by several times.
  • Calculating export readiness status.
  • Rapid and no-code development of new output formats.
  • Support for various formats, like Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

Improving the quality of product information and, accordingly, increasing sales and reducing the number of returns:

  • Automatic data type validations (numbers, dates, etc.).
  • Automatic checks for data completeness (whether all required fields are filled in).
  • Any specific product information checks.
  • Validation of files and images (checking the presence, quality and format of the image).
  • Automatic unit conversion.
  • Product localization support.